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Mar 28, 2009

Do not look away and Pray for the Children on Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon)

Please pray for the peace of Sri Lanka and for the children and other civilians there. It seems there is a genocide going on, but nobody is interested...

It seems that the Buddhist government there is going to wipe out all the Hindu Tamil people in the country to stop that war there. They have killed about 100,000 people already.

What else can be done but prayer?

But please, do pray for them, and help if you can.

Mar 25, 2009

Bible Prophecy and Revelation

I am doing a Bible study on Prophecy and the Book of Revelation online for anyone who might be interested to follow. I am planning to create it online and expand it later. My hope is to get a much better understanding of the things going on around us, and to find hope in the promises God gave us.

Mar 14, 2009

***You Should Read it All To The End***

...And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more. (John 8:11 KJV)

It is funny how some so-called Christians seem to be fixed on the part where Jesus did not condemn the adulteress. However, He came to fulfil the law, not to abolish it. Not one jota, He said. He forgives our sins, if we repent and trust in Jesus like the adulteress did. Jesus set her free, and everybody who believes in Jesus will be set free and have eternal life. But there is an order which Jesus gave to the adulteress:

"Go and sin no more."

It is weird how people have the tendency to ignore what Jesus said if it does not fit to their own life style... Please think about it. Thank you.

God Bless You!

Mar 8, 2009

When God Speaks...

I saw something like metaphors in those words of Genesis that describe how God created the earth and everything before God Himself told me that His Words in the creation story in Genesis are the truth, or I thought it was just a nice poetic kind of literature. But it was God whom I was lacking. God who said those words. There is just one God, and He spoke to me while I was reading Genesis.

Science just describes what God has created. It is "God has created." The earth and all were there before science, scientists, empirical experiments, laboratories and the like were, just believe me. Mathematicians did not create the mathematical rules, either, but describe what God created. God is the Alpha, and will be the Omega. He is so great that you cannot even imagine Him. He made the universe, too, and all the stars and planets, and do you know what? He made that all for you and me and all the others. See his greatness and look into space. Do not ask me why He made this all, I cannot tell you. But He made it all for us, and He created us to love us. We humans were by what he finished the act of Creation. He made it all for us, so we could live in Eden, and He could live with us there.

For unbelievers, just theoretically... if there was God, Almighty, what could stop Him from creating the world by saying words that came alive? God speaks, and creates by that. You cannot believe it, because you cannot do it. What could stop God to have a higher knowledge than you have where you see contradictions, probably just because *your* horizon is limited (like mine)? You cannot hear God, because you do not reckon with Him. I have heard something great been said by a pastor lately... He asked what it was that God told the Children of Israel when they were frightened because the Pharaoh and his soldiers were after them and they had reached the Red Sea and could escape? He said, "Be still. Know I am the Lord." Be still and listen. Try to hear His voice, and reckon with God.

Mar 7, 2009

Only God is the Truth

I have come to meet people online who say they follow God, but they obviously do not even know that the Bible is His Word. I have never seen people demonstrate a bigger stupidity than theirs. Five-year-old can do better. Do they really think that serious people would buy into their obvious lies? I guess it is their wickedness, I mean, people cannot really be so stupid, can they? They seem to live in a kind of alien world, a world of lies, and it seems that they were condemned to understand each other in that language of lies and cannot get out of there anymore. I do not know what was first, their lies to or about their neighbors, or their lies about Scripture.

I have found out that many people are not really interested in Bible study. They join Christian newsgroups for the lack of party time elsewhere. They do not want to hear God's Word, just those Words that fit into their own concept, yet they claim they would hear Jesus' voice. That is funny somehow, is it not? Some have used their whole lives to search the Bible for things they want to read out of it, others have not even tried reading yet.

However, if the Bible was not God's Word, they would all be lost anyway. They should make up their minds about it. If it is God's Word, God is the only TRUTH. Some are close, but do not have Jesus. Others are not even close but dancing around own herself. Some are gnostics, and even Apostle Paul fought against false Christian teachers who taught gnosticism already. Oh well, there is nothing new under the sun. Vanity of vanities, and spitting into the wind.

God Bless You.

The Beauty of the Psalms

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