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Jun 27, 2010

Stealing from the Internet is still a SIN

In the Christian usenet I sometimes stumble over people who decorate themselves with the feathers of others, copying and pasting their stuff from the internet, but rejecting to even give credit to the original author or poet. They do so to look better than others, and very often they are not able to write more than one or two lines on their own, not even in their own language. In addition, they even react arrogantly when you point to their illegal actions, and then turn it all around and accuse you for telling the truth, and for trying to protect the rights of the original authors who happened to put a lot of time into their work, and all just for some to come along and abuse it for their own purposes.
When you correct them, however, they might admit to be wrong, and then even turn it around and accuse the informer for informing them and others about their wrong doing. They come up with some strange defence and claim that you have something against them personally, and that you did not complain when others did the same. But why should I read everything in usenet and nternet and filter out who is plagiarizing? But are doing this all the time,  are even informed about it, then do it again. Then accuses the informer. What is that? Is stealing things from others allowed now? 
God says we shall not steal anything from others. It is one of the ten commandments God gave to Moses. We should not sin and forget that we belong to Him, even in usenet or internet, and give up sinning.
If you quote others, please make sure that you give credit to the author if he or she allowed you to copy and paste his things and if they are not public domain. Thigs are not free for use just because you can find them in the internet.
You can make use of my posts, however, if you mention the author and if you do not change the wording and post the complete article, so the meaning is not changed. If you want to inform me about using my articles, please send me an e-mail to
Thank you! And just help yourself! The more the better!!!

Jesus Christ is our Only Righteousness

God can revive His Church whenever He pleases, and He will! People so often have a really bad memory, and seem to have forgotten. Well, after 2000 years, it might be normal, so God will have to tell it to them again, or they will not believe it. The disciples saw Him die on the cross, and they also saw Him later, with all of His wounds still visible. Today people have forgotten that He overcame death, and defeated the devil forever. The devil has no claim on us anymore - for Jesus is our Righteousness. We can stand in Judgement because He will be our defence, our only justification. I have no clue why people always prefer to become justified by their own efforts, which is impossible. They try and try and try, and one wants to look better than the other - yet none of them is. They think they are good enough as they are, and even love to hold people's old sins against them, even those they committed before their life with Jesus started, because they really think they could do better. But they should wake up! Only Jesus Christ can save us, but He can and wants to save us all. He knows that we are not perfect, and He said He came to cure the sick, not the healthy. 

May the LORD Jesus cure us all, especially from the disease to err about our own Righteousness!

The Beauty of the Psalms

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