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Sep 13, 2012

They that Sow in Tears - My Version of Psalm 126 (from the Bible)

I composed the song in 2010 already... and now I made an instrumental version of it... I hope you will like it. It is a cha cha cha... 

A "GROWING DEEPER" SONG by Vera Six (Love Ya!)

This is the link to this song:

If you are a webmaster, you may embed the song. This is the code from YouTube:
<iframe width="640" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Song, Lyrics and Pictures by Vera Six
- sime six media -

© 2012
Copyright Vera Six, (Love Ya!) Remscheid, Germany, unless not expressively altered. All rights reserved.

cha cha cha

The Beauty of the Psalms

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